Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Night...

I saw these guys. Twenty bucks later, Mundo Monday became Metal Funday...

Steel Panther, the band formerly known as Metal Skool, played at a packed Key Club last night. For those too young to have experienced the Sunset Strip in its hair metal heyday, Monday's midnight gave their (our) souls a belated spandexorcism. Many in the crowd, however, were definitely reliving the golden age of glam.

Van Halen to Crue, Steel Panther covered hit after hit interspersed with some "original" work. They are an entertaining bunch, and the show is, like the music, all about the girls, girls, girls. In sum, the tunes were loud and the bars were busy at this Monday night Hollywood staple.

A certain topless two-pair came on stage to leave the audience scarred for life. Let's just say they both have or will have SERIOUS BACK PROBLEMS.

It's dirty, lewd, and it just might be the best way to spend Monday night in the NFL offseason.

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