Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to Blahg

Hello one and all! Thanks for visiting my blog, The Residual.

For those of you who don't know me, here are five facts to keep in mind as we embark on this weird and wonderful journey together:

1) My name is Nathan (pronounced nay-thun).

2) I am an unabashed Valley Boy (Go Lakers. Go Dodgers.)

3) I am a California Golden Bear, Class of 2009. (Go Bears.)

4) As an undergraduate I wrote for the Arts Review section of The Daily Californian for over three years and conducted international trade research for Berkeley's Political Science Department for one year.

5) I listen to lots of music, watch a lot of sports, see lots of movies, read lots of books, eat lots of food and attend lots of concerts.

I began this blog as a kind of evolving journal through which I could share, record, and compare opinions and discussions regarding political and cultural events as well as the annals and canons of contemporary social memory. Having just graduated college, I decided it might be interesting and fun to record my experiences, tastes and understandings as a young adult in one of the most dynamic and challenging points in modern world history.

1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a residue.
2. Remaining as a residue.
1. The quantity left over at the end of a process; a remainder.
2. A payment made to a performer, writer, or director for each repeat showing of a recorded television show or commercial. Often used in the plural.

This blog aims firstly to act as a kind of cyber-Tupperware, i.e. a virtual container for the leftovers of our ever-evolving culture. As we take time to appreciate these delicious morsels of history, The Residual will often pay respect to those thinkers, innovators, and performers that deserve our retrospective time, appreciation or criticism.
(Definition of "residual" courtesy of http://www.thefreedictionary.com)

"A residual, unlike statistical error, is an observable estimate of the unobservable statistical error."
(Wikipedia, "Statistical Error and Residual")

The Residual will also act as a container (Tupperware, people) of critical observations surrounding the perceived errors of our time (and, inevitably, the errors of those who mean to represent our time).

Some Residual posts will simply be questions that I will attempt to answer to the best of my ability, but I would like this to be as interactive as possible, so don't hesitate to comment or try and answer the question yourself.

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