Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farewell, King of Pop

Sources of TMZ have just reported Michael Jackson dead at the age of 50. He was sent to the hospital after suffering a heart attack. A life riddled in controversy, may he rest in peace. He might have done more to change how we perceive and receive modern music than anyone in the last fourty years. From his prodigious performance in "I Want You Back" to the moonwalks of "Billie Jean," Michael Jackson set a standard for pop artists that has proven near impossible to meet. A life cut short by difficult circumstance, there is no doubt that he will live on as a music legend for all generations to admire.

After wishing his family condolences, one can't help but wonder how AEG feels after investing over $20 million in promoting Jackson's London comeback tour that had been scheduled for later this year.

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