Monday, November 15, 2010


...Was insane.


1) 45,000+ in attendance, making it once again the largest electronic music festival in South America.

2) Started at 3PM and ended around 6:30AM.

3) Bad Boy Orange (Local Argentine Drum n' Bass/Dubstep outfit) showed us some new dance moves.

4) Local portena Romina Cohn played an excellent hour and a half set at the Delta 90.3 Tent.

5) Calvin Harris' DJ set tore up Arena 1 with a mix of his new material including my three favorite tracks from his new album, "You Used to Hold Me," "I'm Not Alone," and "Flashback." His set also included an assortment of popular spins as well, such as Daft Punk's "One More Time." Extreme lighting blasted an even more extreme crowd in the small tent, with a few guys and gals climbing and dancing on unstable light fixtures, all the while giving event security a heart attack.

6) Fatboy Slim closed the show and ushered in the morning sun with some great classics and absolutely stunning visuals. At 47 years old, that bloke still kills it.

7) David Effing Guetta (featuring illuminated robots on stilts).

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